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Made 26 September 2018
by myself.
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"Fraud and Loathing on the Brazil Campaign Trail 2018" 


Part I: Is there a coup going on in Brazil?

The 2018 Brazilian election has already turned out to be an excellent vintage, churning out a series of exotic, crazy, and grotesque phenomena that are just waiting to be misinterpreted. In a setting where fiction poses as fact, fact as fiction, and emotions on the level of mania, which truth should you go for to keep your world views intact? Or is it time for a change? 




Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.

- Plato.


Who controls the past controls the future.

- George Orwell, 1984.


Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

- George Orwell, 1984.


- Luis Inacio Lula da Silva


By Sjur Midttun (


— Swine, swine, and vultures. — that’s journalism in 2018, Raul.

He had been watching me intently for the past hour trying to understand something he can never understand: language.

—Still, they win pulitzers and cruise the world in business class, regurgitating opinions about Brazil without knowing anything about the subject. Then they get their articles liked by readers who know less than nothing, and fame increases with the number of subscribers. That's democracy. so you have to hand it to them. — it is a dream gig while waiting for death. Something to do with your life. This is the mainstream.

>While the freelance content markteters of the world, that’s us. — I point out to Raul — are left to be censored on social media or publish our stories on places like Medium. Which is pretty much the same thing, I added.

I tried to say “Medium” with as many grimaces as possible. This excites Raul which in turn amuses me, and in this way I have a meaningful interaction with this biological app that has accompanied me for twenty-three years.

He’s a pug.

—But it doesn’t matter because I finally got it, I whisper sotto voce, Brazil is so far ahead it should be the prime study of how politics will become when people have become so epistemologically confused that questions of truth need to be voted on to be known. It’s the social media vision of the world, and an authoritarian one. Censorhip is mandatory, so there is now a war for people’s opions. Do you see the dangers here Raul? Yes, Alex Jones is a crazy lunatic but last time I checked anyone can call oneself a journalist. And is it fair that major platforms silence journalists?

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continued (expected date of publication - 4th of October 2018).